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Supreme Cat Show 2011

A selection of photos of just some of the wonderful Oriental Cats, Kittens and Neuters taken at the Supreme Cat Show 2011.

Photographs can be downloaded free of charge for your use, all we ask in return is if you publish them on your own website you credit the photographer and add a link back to Oriental Cat Breeder.

Oriental Cat Breeder are always on the look out for cat show exhibitors who are budding photographers - can you help Oriental Cat Breeder by volunteering as a show reporter or photographer?? Please contact our webmaster if you can help.

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Paparazzi's Pick

Imp Gr Pr Foxypaws Ramasses

Please click on the photos below to view the gallery in full size.

Billstes Going Dutch

Ch & UK & Imp Gr Pr Willhavetodo Ouija Board

Gr Ch Chaplerose Cinderella

Imp Gr Pr Pippastro Magik Flute

Imp Gr Pr Mylynn Sweet-Pea

Ch & UK & IGP Willhaveto Ouija Board

Gr Pr Babadag Asifbymajic

Imp Gr Pr Pippastro Magik Flute

Mazpahs Mosaic

Mazpahs Mosaic

Mazpahs Mosaic

Mazpahs Mosaic

Shermese Sweetgeorgiabrown

Shermese Sweetgeorgiabrown

Shermese Ticked-Off


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